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Diane Sauce

We're always trying to come up with new sauces and condiments for our website as these types of items are so easy to buy already done, but they're filled with additives our body just doesn't [...]

Tandoori Paste

Making your own additive-free pastes is something that just becomes normal after a while. When we decided to go additive-free we came to the conclusion that we would probably need to go without a few [...]

Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls are so versatile, you can really add whatever you like.  Some of our favourite meats are: Shredded chicken Teriyaki Chicken - just marinate some chicken in this marinade, then steam chicken slices [...]

Fish Burger

Oh lordy, lord...this was one of those meals that you are drooling over as you are prepping it all, well I was anyway. It is fairly healthy, was budget conscious and was a different way [...]


Labneh...Labaneh...Labnah, or even yogurt cheese - are you wondering what we are talking about?? This popular Middle Eastern dish is basically strained yogurt. Most people use Greek yogurt, but you can use plain yogurt as [...]

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