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What other’s are saying


I have loved doing this course. I have learnt so much and have made some positive changes. Thank you, Jo and Tracey, you ladies are doing an amazing job teaching this information. Highly recommend this course.


Thanks for the wonderful info. This came at a time for me when I needed something to focus on. Thank you so much.


Was amazed at how much i didn’t know when it comes to what is in our foods and how they can affect our kids. I have learnt so much by doing this course which has been life changing. I am looking at the labels and am more aware of what food i am feeding my family and seeing what a difference just a simple swap can make to their behaviours.

I recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their family’s health and well being and become more aware of what food we are eating and whats in them.
I loved the fact that this course is self paced as being a busy working mum i could do this course in my own time and it was easy to follow and very informative.
Thankyou for sharing such a positive and mind blowing course which has changed my family’s life.


This course has far exceeded all my expectations I am blown away by the amount and quality of information provided. But also the way it is provided is simple to understand but informative. The addition of support with the private facebook group is great to share ideas, challenges and successes. I had so many eye opening moments during this course where I would learn a bit of information and think back about how I had felt after eating certain foods or how my kids had behaved after eating certain foods and all of a sudden so many things made sense. The Additive Free Made Easy cookbook is great I’ve made so many recipes already and they have all been a hit, all quick, easy and tasty. I’ve been amazed at how easy all the recipes are and I’ve gained a new found joy in cooking because I feel a sense of pride and achievement knowing that I’m able to make things I thought could only be bought in a packet. Hearing your family say “wow Mum this tastes amazing” after I’ve cooked something completely from scratch is so satisfying. Most of all I feel like I’ve been empowered and like I have so much more control over my health and that of my family then I realised. I have absolutely loved every minute of this course I’m actually sad that it’s come to an end. Everyone should do this course. It will change your life!!


Ladies, thank you. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive, easy to follow, practical course. I really appreciate the careful thought you have put into it’s content and the structure. This course has definitely changed the way my family lives. I can’t wait to see how this important information filters down into my children’s families in the future. It has been so worth it!


I have learnt alot and found the course to be very well planned and presented.
Great speakers and information.  I loved the holistic approach to the topic and not just focusing on food alone.
Great job ladies!


This has been a great, informative, little program. I love the way that the program is set out into small lessons within the week. This makes it easy to do a lesson and then return to where you are at if life gets in the way. I like that there are little videos to watch with lesson. This really caters for the busy mum.


This course has been a true eye opener. It has provided me with the best tools, advise and information I could have ever hoped for. I am trying so hard to think of anything I would change or improve and I honestly can’t think of anything. I absolutely love that I am a member for life. This makes me feel that I belong somewhere and also important in helping me continue to building my confidence in making all these positive life changes. It will also help keep me on track and hopefully one day I can pay it forward! You have been able to give me something so valuable and I can’t wait to spread the word around! I would proudly recommend this course. Thanks for doing what you do!