SINCE 2014

Hi, we are Tracey and Joanne, two mothers, both wives and both into living the healthiest and happiest lifestyles we can. Together we created Sistermixin’ which has now grown to become Additive Free Lifestyle.

We are passionate about changing the way you look at food by spreading the message that additives and preservatives can be toxic to your health, via our online program Additive Free Made Easy.

Our mission is to educate everyone (especially our own families) on exactly what they are eating, what is in our food and some of the harmful effects this can have on your health. We are also totally in love with doTERRA essential oils and use these daily, not just in cooking, but also around our house.

Growing up our mother baked and made things from scratch, we spent our teenage years on a dairy farm and had access to organic, grass-fed meat. We had free range chickens and grew lots of veggies ourselves. It was an amazing lifestyle and we were very lucky.


As we grew up and moved out, things started to change and convenience foods made their way into our diets.

After the birth of Joanne’s first child, she realised that things needed to go back-to-basics. This didn’t happen overnight and Joanne spent years figuring it all out, but she knew that she needed to change what she was eating to help her family.

Tracey didn’t embrace additive free eating right away, it took a little longer, but after seeing the amazing effects it was having on Jo’s family she realised that she too could improve her, and her families, health and she hasn’t looked back.


We have now gone on to create more programs to further educate and help families control what they are eating. Meals Made Easy launched in Jan 17. This is a simple, monthly meal planning program full of family-friendly, yummy food.

We launched our podcast show, The Whole Circle back in May 2016 with a new episode live every week. And, of course, our signature program, Additive Free Made Easy has helps over 1000 families change their lives forever.

Life has become a lot more in-control for both of us and we are loving it…so what are you waiting for, come along for the ride, it’s pretty amazing and you won’t regret it!

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