It’s time to make some simple changes to live a healthier & happier life.

If you are ready to take some action and learn all about the hidden, nasty & harmful chemicals found in the food we feed our families and how you can avoid them and their damaging side-effects once and for all…
Then our easy to follow 4-week online course is for you.

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Our 30-day online program has helped 1,000s of families to change their lives by understanding exactly what harmful additives and chemicals are doing to us and our kids.

You will discover the research, the scientific evidence & plenty of expert advice as well as being introduced to real people who have used this exact information to change their’s and their children’s lives forever.

What our past course participants are saying…

“No wonder why everyone in the world is so sick at the moment. This course is a must-do!”

“The results I’ve seen in my kids and their behaviour is unbelievable! Such an improvement in such a short time.”

“I just wish more people would complete this amazing course so that the food industry is forced to make a change.”

“I will certainly be recommending that friends and family members look into joining your course.”

 “My two and a half-year-olds attitude difference was amazing… almost immediately. Thank you!”

“One last thing was the difference in our kids’ behaviour.  I highly recommend this course.”


Learn how to avoid the toxic additives & preservatives added to the everyday products we consume.

We created this course over a number of years to clearly and easily teach you the essential information required to enable you to make informed decisions that will benefit the health & well-being of your family.

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For over 4-years we have been teaching families how to live an additive-free lifestyle.

…and we have experienced remarkable improvements both in our own lives and through our community of students in the areas of:

  • Asthma


  • Behaviour, tantrums, aggression

  • Sleeping, insomnia

  • Mood, libido, focus

  • Eczema, psoriasis

  • Depression, anxiety, stress

  • Bed wetting

  • Weight

  • Overall sense of well-being

Simple step by step course

A user-friendly online course with a simple week by week structured approach backed by an exclusive private community & support network.

Flexible to fit any schedule

Learn at your own pace and from any device with an internet connection. You will not get left behind no matter how busy your schedule.

Continued on-going support

Pocket cards, shopping lists, printable PDF’s, interview transcripts, recipes and more all for you to download and keep. Not to mention continued access to our private community.


We have 12 of the very best thought leaders and professional experts in our program to empower you with the right knowledge so you can make the right changes for your family.


The course is about improving yours and your family’s well-being by empowering you with knowledge about smart food choices. We cover a range of things regarding additives and preservatives, including easy food swaps, how to overcome everyday challenges, plus tonnes of hints and tips to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Why? Discover your power.
  2. What are additives with Bill Statham from Chemical Maze
  3. Busting the health star rating with Claire Deeks from Dom’s Kitchen
  4. Food Culture in the home with Clare from Thriving Children
  5. Quick and Easy Meal Ideas with Lisa Corduff from Small Steps Living
  6. Simple Swaps, it’s all it takes!
  1. Artificial Food Colours with Sue Dengate from Food Intolerance Network
  2. Talking MSG with Alissa from 123 Nourish Me
  3. How to handle those unsupportive family and friends
  4. What are additives and why are they in our food?
  5. Husbands or Hus-Pains?
  6. Anger & Guilt
  7. The science & the facts
  1. What are preservatives?
  2. Sulphites with Georgia Harding from Well Nourished
  3. Sodium Benzoates covered with Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life
  4. Skincare covered and ingredients to avoid with Krissy from The Inspired Little Pot
  5. DIY recipes with Jo & Tracey from Additive-Free Lifestyle
  6. Discuss fussy eating strategies with Dr. Brett Hill
  7. How to handle a birthday party and not freak out
  1. Nitrates/Nitrites
  2. Breakfast and lunch ideas from Stacey Clare – A Healthy Mum
  3. Lunches covered with Bell from The Root Cause
  4. Eating additive free on a budget with Kristy from Real Food Culture
  5. The importance of self-care with Amy from Happy Mamma
  6. Movement and self-doubt with Sara Dean from Shameless Mom Academy
  7. Program wrap up


“We created this course to show people exactly which harmful additives are being added to the products we consume and how they are impacting us. This information is changing lives and in time it will change big companies as well!”


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“It has changed my families life, it has made the biggest and I’d highly recommend this course to anyone!”

“My ADHD child’s teacher told us that he now show’s minimal signs of ADHD, all thanks to AFME!”

“I’m a mother of four and grandmother of two, this course has opened up my eyes in so many ways!”

“We’ve been additive free since 2016 and no more night terrors and minimal tantrums from my children!”

“I wanted to gain more understanding about food and I was really surprised, thank you for opening my eyes!”

“The changes we have seen are phenomenal!  No more bed wetting, sleepless nights and tantrums!”

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