In this episode of The Whole Circle Podcast Show, we talk about all things meal prep and meal planning, how it can save you not just a ton of money but saves you the time and hassle as well. So sit back and enjoy some handy helpful tips.

Share Your Shopping List and Your Receipt

Before we talk meal planning, we asked members inside our Additive Free Lifestyle Facebook Chat Group to share photos of their grocery shopping lists and show proof of how much they spent by sharing their receipts.

One of our members Kylie shared her first meal plan and said she only spent $85 for the entire week! She used to go to the store 4 to 5 times per week and pays $50 each time (that’s about $200 per week). Kylie says she became more organised and saved money. More than half of what she usually spends shopping. That is amazing!

Meanwhile, another member Mandy shared a screenshot of what she planned to cook for the week using our Meals Made Easy program, and it turns out that she only spent $130, looks big but it is, in fact, her budget for two weeks — or $65 per week!

Carlyn also tried Meals Made Easy and happily posted in the group: “I love how Meals Made Easy made my shopping list so much lower.”

Our Meal Planning Tips:

1. Prepare budget-friendly meals

You may not realise it, but there’s plenty of easy-to-prepare meals that you can make — from pies and wraps, salads and even lasagnas — without putting a strain on your budget. Additive-Free recipes are not as complicated as you think. Just use regular ingredients and cheaper cuts of meat (like the chicken leg, chicken wings), and you have delicious and healthy meals, waiting to be munched down by your family.

What’s more, there’s no need for you to go to those fancy supermarkets. Your local supermarket will do. For sure, you can get your everyday ingredients there for your Additive-Free meals.

Make 2 or 3 more meals from one recipe.
For example, if you prepare the Slow Cooked Chicken meal for lunch — that big serving of a whole chicken can last for dinner and then lunch the following day.
Repurpose the leftovers of the Slow Cooked Chicken and turn them into a pie, salad, sandwich or pasta.
Kitchen Hack: Make chicken bone broth from the Slow Cooked Chicken you just made by leaving all the juice of the chicken in your slow cooker; add onions, carrots, celery and herbs; fill it up with water with all the bones; add a dash of apple cider vinegar; and then just turn on the slow cooker overnight. That’s it!

Who says that additive-free meals are expensive?

2. Make a shopping list

Preparing a shopping list before you head off to the grocery store makes you more organised and keeps you focused on the task at hand — get only what’s on your shopping list of budget-friendly meals. That way, you avoid impulse-buying — going up and down the aisles and putting stuff in your shopping cart that you don’t need.

With our Meals Made Easy program, we take away all the headache of preparing that list by sending you our weekly shopping list. You just print it or save it in your smartphone and then you’re good to go. Talk about convenience!

3. Be organised

The number one reason for our stress and anxiety is because we are not organised. Not having a meal plan to get your family through the day is indeed stressful, especially for homemakers like us. But if you’re organised, and you have a meal plan, you don’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner tonight and instead carve out some “me” time — like going to the gym or getting a message.

Meals Made Easy: Delicious Additive-Free Meals Each & Every Month

We do hope that we have convinced you to start meal planning today to help you live a healthier and stress-free life. You can do it yourself by following the free tips we just discussed, or you can take it a step further by trying our amazing Meals Made Easy program.

Our additive-free meal-planning program will give you access to:

  • A brand new meal plan every single month
  • Shopping lists
  • Prep guides for every week
  • Cooking tips and discounts on our range of products
  • You get our E-Book every month
  • Videos and bonuses
  • Support from the community and much more, each week for four weeks (well eight weeks if we’re to be honest! )

For more details about Meals Made Easy, just head on over to

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