In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we take a look back and reminisce on the year that was.

We thought we would take a look back on the year that was.  We have had a pretty full-on year this year especially with our mum battling cancer and it has given us a perspective we perhaps may not have had before.

There was a time where we have wished away certain things in our lives such as wishing the kids were older so we could shower in peace or not have to wipe backsides anymore or drive the kids here, there and everywhere.  But you know what?  That’s the juicy stuff!  Now that Tracey has older daughters who don’t need her for those things anymore, she realises how precious those years were.  So, don’t ever take that stuff for granted because before you know it, it’s all gone.

Our Mum

On 21 December 2018, our beautiful Mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia and our whole lives were devastated.  For the next 6 months, we were right there with mum as she battled this wretched disease that was waging war on her body.  There were times throughout this year that we thought we were going to lose her it was that touch and go, but she fought it so bravely and thankfully she is in remission.  Thank you so much to all of you who have reached out to us asking how our Mum is, the outpouring of support we have received during this awful time has really touched our hearts and overwhelmed us with all the love that we are so grateful for.

Our book, Everyday Additive-Free

During Mum’s cancer battle we were writing our book, Everyday Additive-Free.  Yeah ok, we don’t do things in halves, we get it!  We honestly wrote this book whilst sitting beside mum in her hospital bed on the cancer ward.  This is exactly what mum wanted us to do.  This was the deal we had with mum, we would get this book released and she had to still be with us when it was released!  It was tough, so much blood, sweat and tears went into this book, but we are so incredibly proud of it and know that it will help so many families live additive-free.

So, let’s throw a few stats your way….


We have grown to over 20,000 followers now over on the gram.  This blows our mind given we haven’t been on Instagram all that long so thank you to each and every one of you who follow us over there.  We do have lots of fun, especially with our stories where we’re always mucking around and sharing all sorts of juicy info.



We have over 65,000 followers which is just nuts!  Facebook is where it all started for us and we have such a loyal following and we love you guys.  You have stuck with us through thick and thin and especially when we lost our whole website which was so incredibly traumatic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being our backbone of support.

Oils with Additive-Free Lifestyle Facebook Group

We now have over 20,000 oily peeps in this group who are upping their knowledge game and learning and sharing how they use their oils.  It’s an open group so if you want up your game too then feel free to join, we’d love to have you in there –> Oils with Additive-Free Lifestyle

Additive-Free Lifestyle Chat Group

We now have over 10,000 people in this group.  This is also an open group that’s set up for people to come together as a like-minded community to take and learn all things additive-free.  Whether you’re new or well versed in the additive-free lifestyle, this is the group that we share lots of additive-free info in as well as a great community where you can ask all sorts of info to help you with this lifestyle.  If you want in, then feel free to join –> Additive-Free Lifestyle Chat Group.

Additive-Free Made Easy

We had over 530 new members go through our signature e-course Additive-Free Made Easy this year!  We are so proud and thrilled that many people’s and family’s lives are now changed having learnt information that has changed their lives for the rest of their lives.  The ripple effect it has on those around them is amazing!  It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it.  We’ve got another round coming up in March 2020 so if you want to get on the waitlist for that then, register –> Additive-Free Made Easy.

Additive-Free Lifestyle Website

We have had over 1 million page views on our website! WHAT THE?!?!?!?!  That’s just in 1 year. It’s actually over 1.1 million views.  Ok, mind blown! But so incredibly humbling to think that our little website created by little old us has been viewed that many times.  We can’t even believe how this is even possible.  We are so truly grateful.

To break that down further, 182,000 of those views are from new visitors which means that nearly 1 million views are from returning followers who are revisiting our website.  This lights us up knowing that we are creating content that keeps you coming back because this is what we want to do.  Make sure we are giving you what you want and more.

Additive-Free Lifestyle Shop

Yes, on a sadder note we closed our online store in June this year and we know so many of you loved it.  On the flip side of this, it freed us up to bring more education to all of you, freed our headspaces up so we can create even more exciting content for you all about education about additives and preservatives.

It also allows us to be able to get more hands-on with our education and get into schools and provide education programs face to face which is what we have been wanting to do for so long now.

Most Viewed Blog Post for 2019

Drumroll please …. Zooper Doopers … more like Zooper Bloopers! Was our most viewed blog post for 2019, with over 10,000 views.

This blog post resonated and shocked so many of you.  It has been one of our goals for a long time now to have Zooper Doopers removed from schools as a go-to ice block during summertime.  There are other options that could be used instead that won’t have the potential to detrimentally affect our children.

Basic Icing Recipe

With over 12,000 views, our Basic Icing recipe was our most viewed recipe on our website which really surprised us.

The Whole Circle Podcast Show

Our most clicked on podcast episode to our website this year was Episode 170 – Progesterone Deficiency with Naomi Judge.

However, our most downloaded episode of all time was also with Naomi Judge which was Episode 3 – Let’s Talk Zinc and Magnesium with Naomi Judge.

It sure seems the topics our Naturopath Naomi Judge talks about are popular!

It also tells us that you guys want to learn more about your body which we’re happy to accommodate that going forward.

Another really popular episode this year was Episode 162 – The Impact of Wheat on our Health with Cyndi O’Meara.  Cyndi talked a lot about glyphosate and how it is impacting our bodies as well as a lot of other awesome info and some practical tips on how you can get involved in taking a stand against the use of glyphosate in your local area.  All the details are in our show notes –> here.

Lifestyle Wellness Event


We held our very first wellness event this year in Hobart which we were so excited about.  We had been wanting to host something like this for years but had just never had a chance to organise it and to be honest we were a little daunted by it.  But this year we just did it!  It was amazing and we even had people fly in from around Australia to attend which amazed us.  It was a really wonderful day and everyone who attended learnt heaps and left feeling inspired.

We will be doing it again next year so make sure you save the date when we share it early next year, we’d love to see as many people there as possible.  Hobart’s a great place to come over for a weekend away.  It’s such a beautiful city so you won’t be disappointed to make a trip of it.

The Lifestyle Wellness Event is an all-day event which is fully catered for on top of the awesome education that you get as well.


Ok, guys, this is not a bragging episode at all!  It’s about reflecting back on the year that was and something we would love for you to do as well.  We all get so caught up in moments that we forget to take stock of what we have achieved or the moments that we have experienced, whether good or bad over a 12-month period and this is what we are doing with this episode.  We invite you to do the same.  Reflect, take stock and bring in a new year with fresh eyes and curious nature of what you can create for yourself in 2020.  Tag us in #additivefreelifestlye on social media all your memories or moments of reflection for 2019.  We’d love to see them and share them on our own social media.

Stay Tuned for 2020

We have got so much coming up in 2020 that we are so excited about.  We are kicking off with a tour in February so check out all our events and grab your tickets –> here.  Just to give you a little idea, here are some of the places we are travelling to in a month:

➕Golden Grove
➕Maroona Region
➕Sunshine Coast

Sorry guys, there’s no Western Australia this time because Jo was there last year and there’s only so many places we can make in a month.  Hopefully next time we can make it there.  We are splitting up and doing these events separately because there’s just no way we could make it to that many places together.  We can’t wait to meet you face to face.

Tracey’s Big Personal and Business Goal for 2020

She would love for her hubby to quit his job and come to work with her in their business with them.  It’s been a dream of hers for a long time now and next year is the year to make it happen.

Jo’s Big Personal Goal for 2020

She would love to learn photography.  She has no idea how she is going to fit it in, but it’s been something she has wanted to do for a while now.

Jo’s Big Business Goals for 2020

She wants to continue to inspire people, especially to live an additive-free lifestyle and she also wants to achieve the doTERRA rank of Presidential Diamond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We hope you have a wonderful festive season and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.  Feel free to tag us in your reflections or dreams over on social media as we would love to see them #additivefreelifestyle

Go and live your best life!  We can’t wait to connect with you again in 2020

Much love

Jo and Tracey x


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