Why did I get hair extensions??  I have been asked this a lot and figured I will share everything I know about them with you.

My hair is very, very fine. If I don’t wash and style it daily it looks terrible. It is incredibly frustrating and I probably shouldn’t be so vain, but I am, so there!!! Judge me if you will, but I chose to get some help with my hair after 44 years of hating it and I am not ashamed, nor embarrassed about that.

But here are some do’s and don’ts you might like to consider if you want to look into hair extensions


✔️ Get real hair. I can’t say this enough. Synthetic hair will fry up and frizzle if you use a hair straightener (which you will need and I will explain why in a bit).

✔️ Get a professional hair extension expert to insert them. Not every hairdresser can do extensions, so make sure to stalk a few Facebook or Insta accounts for before and after photos before choosing someone in your area.

✔️ Choose a hairdresser that will correct any extension placements after they are in. I was struggling to hide a few of mine and went back after a week to get Laura to move them around. She moved five of them to make it easier for me to do my hair.

✔️ Invest in a good quality hair straightener and/or curling wand… you will want to curl them, it helps to blend your own hair into the extensions so much better when curly, basically, it hides them better.

✔️ Invest in the special hairbrush that they suggest.  This is a total game-changer and Laura was kind enough to gift me mine (actually, she gifts all her customers a brush).

✔️ Get yourself some amazing dry shampoo powder, I love the Black Chicken Remedies one.

✔️ You’ll also need shampoo and conditioner without all the toxic stuff.  I use EverScents Organic Hair Care and it has been awesome.


🚫 Don’t wash your hair every day.  This is totally foreign to me as I am used to washing my hair daily. I am loving that I can jump in and out of the shower super fast and it takes seconds to fix my hair each day.

🚫 Don’t go to bed with wet hair.   You’ll also need to tie it back in a scrunchie or a plait every night.

Now to answer some other questions:

Your Questions Answered

🙋‍♀️ Yes, you can go swimming with hair extensions.

🙋‍♀️ Yes, my hair feels natural, you can’t tell the difference in the texture.

🙋‍♀️ Mine are stick-on (tape) and they attach to small sections of hair. They can be moved back up closer to my scalp as my hair grows.

🙋‍♀️ They should last around 12 months if treated nicely.

🙋‍♀️ The brand I have is Jadore Hair Supplies. They make sure that the hair is collected in an ethical way, with each and every seller being compensated with a fair and honourable payment for their hair. This is not the case with every brand and I have heard horror stories of hair being shaved off ladies heads without permission just because they happen to be in vulnerable circumstances, like brothels… I didn’t even think to look into this as something as horrific as this never even entered my head as something that would happen.

🙋‍♀️ I got a ‘full head’ of extensions in two different colours.

🙋‍♀️ My hair extensions tape in and are removable.

The verdict is that I love them and as my hair grows I will decide if I want to keep them in or not. As mine are removable I might give my hair a break in six months or so and then if I decide to put them back in, I can.

I hope that answers all your questions and have a fabulous hair day, I know I will.

😘 Tracey

PS – if you are in Hobart go and see L. A. O. Hair Extensions, as Laura is the best.