With 130 restaurants internationally, Mexican fast-food chain, Guzman y Gomez is blazing a trail by delivering fast, convenient food that is additive-free!

Yes, you did read that right!

Recently, news.com.au interviewed Guzman y Gomez Founder, Steve Marks about how his stores have transitioned to being additive-free.

In the words of Steve Marks ‘clean is the new healthy’!

How did it all come to be? 

In 2016 Mr Marks was looking to add fries to their menu.  However, when he looked into the versions of ‘fries’ on the market, he realised how bad they were from an additive perspective.  He first recalled seeing preservative 200.  Not really knowing what this was, he delved deeper and discovered just how bad it was and how the World Health Organisation lists it as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.  He then took it upon himself to become educated about additives and preservatives in food in general.  Needless to say he was shocked with what he found!

The more he read the more infuriated he became.

It then took him 18 months to produce a clean fry thanks to the help of McCains, but they did it. This was just one item in a long list they ‘cleaned up’.

OMG you guys… this makes us SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY!

We know fast food will always be around, but if the chains can clean up their ingredients imagine how much better it would be.

We seriously take our hats off to Mr Marks for not only taking the time to research what additives and preservatives do to our bodies but to revolutionise change for the benefit of each and every customer.

There need to be more fast-food chains out there with a social conscience, who care about our health over the health of their profit margins, just like Guzman y Gomez!

We couldn’t love this story more!  We love that he is pushing boundaries, challenging others to do the same and with his hashtag #fixfastfood we hope that this goes all the way.

Check out the article and all the glorious info here:

Guzman y Gomez goes ‘100 per cent clean’

You can also check them out via their website too:  Guzman y Gomez

Jo and Tracey x