Why are we always so quick to see the negative things in life, yet it seems to take us a lot longer to see the positive – why is that? it just seems a bit easier, I suppose (BTW I have no answers here people, sorry).

I do know, that lately, I am trying really hard to focus on the positive things a lot more and express my love, respect, and gratitude to those around me, and let me share why…

After a series of events took place recently, I realised that I had no idea just how far we had travelled down the path of additive and preservative free. That was until my husband pointed it out to me.

During a particularly crazy week in my household, where life got in the way of our regular eating habits, things went a bit haywire. Rude and obnoxious kids. Mood swings and intolerance from everyone. No one sleeping very well. It was not a nice household, let me tell you that.

The crunch came when my eldest contracted Influenza B and hubby returned from the doctors with some bright pink drink and a box of throat lozenges (because it was a virus, they don’t give antibiotics, so there was nothing the doctors could really do). I can tell you my reaction was anything but nice (if you listen to the podcast you will hear me discuss this in more detail).

After sharing my total disgust (for this concoction of chemicals) towards my husband (in a manner very unbecoming), and telling him that I have a box full of natural remedies, that actually work, I stormed off into my office and went back to work for the rest of the day.

Later that evening, when I had calmed down, I decided to discuss this with my poor hubby, and this is what led to my epiphany moment. My journey into eating additive and preservative free was a lot further along than I realised. My families additive and preservative free habits were a lot better than I had given them credit for. I had not taken time to sit back and show any respect for my family, or myself in this area of my life. I had not celebrated the small wins, the things that had improved and evolved.

So many things have changed in my pantry, fridge, and freezer – way too many to count. My laundry and cleaning products are totally natural and mostly homemade. My whole makeup range has changed to 100% natural. The body products I use, including fake tan, shampoo, and conditioners, body wash etc are all 100% natural and organic. I no longer use perfume full of synthetic ingredients. I no longer burn candles that can damage my hormones due to the synthetic scent, instead, I use essential oils.

My girls are far more aware and use a much more natural solution on their skins (for the most part). Don’t get me wrong, they are still teenagers and love to be like all their friends, so still buy a few things I am not totally happy with, but they also love using coconut oil as a face wash, they love making their own body scrubs and are in love with diffusing essential oils in their rooms.

They are also making better food choices when I am not around. They look at ingredients, they notice how it makes them feel. They choose a boost juice over a thick shake. They have come a long way and I had never, ever noticed.

Anyway, I guess to cut a long story short, it is great to sit down sometimes and really have a look at your progress, because I am sure, just like me, you will find you are further along than you realise.

:) Tracey

This podcast is great to tune in to, if you’re wondering how to transition from using a chemical cleaning product, to more natural remedies and also on eating additive and preservative free. We have some great pointers on how to integrate your new way of chemical-free living with your family in an inspiring way.

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