After Jo embarked on a doTERRA 30-day challenge, we decided we should share just how much our health has benefited from these incredible supplement packs. After the challenge, Jo tells her personal story of forgetting to take her supplements for 10 days, through the stress and business of life. It wasn’t until she stopped taking them when she realised how good she felt on them.

While we can’t promise to explain anything on a scientific level, even though everything is science-backed, instead we discuss the impact of stress on our bodies, particularly on a cellular level and how these supplements can support you. If you’re constantly feeling sluggish and tired then you’ll gain some insight into why.

From metabolism to immune support, stress management, circulation and everything in between, you’ll learn how this vitality pack truly complements your health. You’ll find out how you can signup for wholesale prices and even how to receive this entire pack for free! By listening to this episode, we hope to take away the overwhelming decisions, when it comes to all the different types of supplements you should be taking, and bundle them all into the doTERRA vitality pack.

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