Today we are chatting with Clare who we met on a business trip to the Philippines and instantly connected with her. She holds a special role where she helps to overcome children’s attention, learning, and behavioural challenges by incorporating more movement, play, connection and, of course, real food.

Clare holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Special Education. She also holds certifications in neuro-development with a focus on the brain/body connection.

We discuss common foods that may be affecting the behaviour of your child and what signs to look out for. We also dive into interesting discussions on the topic of primitive reflexes. Clare touches on the importance of some of these reflexes in children’s ability to take in the information around them. We also hear why specific reflexes are commonly holding kids back in their learning capacity.

Clare talks about events throughout her life that have fueled her passion for early education and improving food choices, including challenges overcoming her own infertility. She is now a proud mum of three!

We explore how homework has been shown to do more harm than good and options you can take if you don’t notice the benefits of homework for your children.

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