Greg Newson is a qualified naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, remedial massage therapist and has a clear passion for health and well-being. He treats people who are suffering from every day things like colds and flu’s right through to digestive issues, emotional and even life-threatening conditions. His number one drive is to treat not just the symptoms of a disease but the underlying cause. This approach is unique to the traditional practice found within medical centres and by GPs, especially within Australia.

Greg focuses on a particular disorder called pyrrole disorder, which is a biochemical imbalance that leaves the body unable to absorb key nutrients such as zinc at B6, which are vital for proper bodily function. Jo is particularly excited about this episode as she has recently been diagnosed with the disorder.

Other than a seemingly endless list of alternative names for the disorder (kryptopyrole, mauve disorder and pyroluria to name a few) there is also a large array of symptoms and links to the disorder.

Like many medical disorders, most people can have pyrrole and not even realise it. Greg discusses the reasons why you are likely to have the disorder and why the SAD diet (Standard American/Australian Diet) will see you devoid of key nutrients and what you can do to improve your diet and increase your intake of zinc and B6.

Stress, in particular, devoids the body of B6 and can be a key factor to those suffering from pyrrole and we discuss ways to manage stress levels. Another important factor is maintaining a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and how the over-presence of bad bacteria can be linked to pyrrole. We also get some tips on what lifestyle factors we can implement into our busy days to prevent the disorder from occurring in our lives and signs we can look for in children who might be suffering from the disorder.

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