In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we talk all the basics about manifesting and how you can incorporate it into your life with Gemma Benad from The Manifesting Mum.

Who is Gemma?

Who better to hear from, than directly from Gemma herself:

At the age of 10, I lost my own Mother to Breast Cancer and I stopped dreaming there and then. For the next 2 decades, I battled with myself and my mind and stayed stuck in a life that felt like punishment. I continued to create a reality that I didn’t want to be in but had no idea that I was the one creating it. It was a vicious cycle.  Since the age of 14, when I first came across Tony Robbins, I craved learning all I could about the power of my thoughts to create my reality. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay still stands strong as the most pivotal life-changing book of my life.

I became deeply passionate about feeling better and experiencing a more fulfilling life. I read all I could, watched every video I came across and started putting a more supportive mindset into practice.  It wasn’t perfect. I stumbled often and I struggled to believe I had it within me to be who I want, do what I wanted and have what I dreamed. Those struggles resulted in an unfulfilling, loveless and desperate life.

But in the summer of 2011, at the lowest of lows, I started to dream big for something different.

A life filled with love, a nurturing, compassionate partner and the pitter-patter of little feet filling our home.

Every Sunday morning, I would lie in bed in my old, dingy granny flat all alone and visualise this life.  I would see it in my mind’s eye, feel it in my heart and allow the love, gratitude and fulfilment to wash over me.

I created a vision board which I displayed prominently in my bedroom so I could wake up every morning focused on the life I was heading towards, not my current reality.  I had stuck pictures of happy couples, loving words, pictures of children, a cruise ship for the holiday we would take, and even had the words ‘husband’ and ‘family’ stuck on it.

After advice from a good friend, I also went through the exercise of writing a letter to the Universe stating all the personality traits and characteristics I desired in my future husband. I listed every detail of what mattered to me.  Tall and handsome most certainly featured as did trustworthy, athletic and fit, a good relationship with family, loving, compassionate and affectionate amongst other things.

Only a matter of months after I began this regular practice of dreaming and focusing my attention on my future, life changed in a monumental way. The short version is, I met the man I had dreamt of, moved in with him only a couple of months later and within 16 months we were married and pregnant with our first child together.

Every tiny detail of what I dreamt, came true. The way he looked, the characteristics I imagined, the home we live in and the way I felt. We even went on the cruise I had pinned on my board that same year.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I had manifested my husband and had actively used the Law of Attraction along with the 11 other Universal Laws of Manifestation to my benefit.

Many years later, upon reflection, and as I learned more about manifesting, I realised I had done everything required to deliberately create the reality I had decided I was going to have

It felt like magic.  It was incredibly serendipitous and we both put it down to fate at times. Perhaps there were elements of that, but I was so intentional with my dream and so emotionally and energetically connected to what I wanted, that I know it was not random chance.

During our relationship, I dabbled more in the law of attraction, and I know with certainty that I manifested my daughter, a 6-figure business in the health and wellness space and the subsequent sale of that business two weeks after my twins were born.

But this time was also full of struggles. I fell often. I failed miserably in business and I stopped dreaming.

I had created a life full of love, but I also created lots of things I didn’t want. A business that drained and exhausted me.  A busy life that often left me feeling overwhelmed and a pain in my heart that lay unhealed from when I was 10 years old.

It took the death of my Father in 2017 to propel me on the path I am now on.  I began healing the deepest pains in my heart, letting go of that which no longer served me, and, most importantly, I started to dream the biggest most audacious dreams of my life.

Now, I am intent on learning absolutely everything I can about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting and putting it all to work for me, to create my dream life.  And the bonus in my current experience is that I have immediately shifted my energy from one of overwhelm, chaos, worry and depression, to feeling joy and abundance that has always felt so elusive to me.

I have learnt so much in my 37+ years on this planet and my passion is now helping other busy and ambitious Mum’s to create whatever they want in life through the power of dreaming, emotional freedom, taking inspired and imperfect action and surrendering to allow their dreams to become their reality.

Let’s get to the basics… what is manifesting?


Simply put, it is the conscious and intentional creation of your life.  It is also the journey of becoming who you are meant to be.

It can be a big shift for a lot of people.  Because we can quite often fall into the trap of letting life happen to us without realising that we are the ones creating it.

Let’s break it down further…

Not everyone IS manifesting, everyone CAN manifest, but everyone IS creating their own life.  The question is whether it is intentional and whether you are conscious and aware to it or are you just letting it happen.

Gemma’s sole purpose is to awaken people to realise that they have the power to create the life they want.

Opening their minds up to the possibility that this is the case and become curious about this notion that you can create the life you want instead of letting life just happen to you.  Be the curator of your own life.

If you’re in a bad place in your life, how do you reconcile that you may have created that?

It’s not about laying blame or making yourself feel worse for it.  It’s about recognising where you’re at and being open to what you can do to manifest yourself into a better place.

According to Gemma, when you manifest, you’ll have two possible outcomes:

  1. You’ll be blessed with the outcome that you are choosing to manifest; or
  2. You’ll be blessed with the lesson you need to help you to grow and evolve to become the person you need to be to live that outcome that you desire.

So even if you are in a bad space right now, consider the possibility that there may be a lesson in it for you to grow and evolve from to become the person you desire to be.

What can you do to start manifesting?

For anyone that is interested in manifesting and wants to take some power back into their life and create what it is they truly want is:

  1. Get really present with exactly where you are at in your life right now and accept where that is. Explore how you got to your current stage of life, whether good or bad.
  2. Work out what you want in your life and what you don’t want in your life.  It’s important to note that life is not linear, it’s a journey.  Gemma teaches people to decide what they want for their life, not ask, hope or pray for what they want, but to actually decide for what they want.
  3. Step into that version of you and becoming that person. This is not an easy step.  It takes courage, confidence and belief.  Energy work that Gemma teaches people.  To become energetically aligned with the future version of themselves.
  4. Take inspired action. Listen to the synchronicities and be open and aware of them.
  5. Surrender and allowing life to happen. Connect with who you need to be and allow your life to evolve and happen.

Vision Boards

Vision boards have worked really well for Gemma in the past but they don’t always work well for everyone.

How do you know what to put on them?  Should they be short term goals? Long term goals? Or both?

There’s no hard and fast rule.  Gemma has two vision boards in her house.  One in her office and one in her bedroom.  One board has shorter-term goals for what she wants to achieve for the year and the other board has goals she wants to achieve in 5 years.

The question to ask yourself when you’re trying to work out what to put on your vision board is what can you get your faith behind? What can you believe in?  For some people, they will put their faith, heart and soul into big visions that will take 5 years or more to achieve.  Whereas for other people 5 years down the road is just too far to think and too big a plan to visualise so what might work better for them is planning a vision board that centres around being happy in the moment.  It’s all about what works for you.

Limiting Fear


Our internal dialogue can produce the fear that stops us from manifesting or reaching out and grabbing what we want in life.  It’s totally natural.  New things can be really scary, breaking out of your comfort zone can be really scary.  But if you let that fear take control of you, then no amount of manifesting will get you to where you want to be because the fear will stop you from taking the actions you need to take.

When we change the contextual framework of our subconscious programming the fear won’t take hold.  It will still be there, but we can be present with it and still take the action anyway and not be paralysed by it.

You can do it

Reprogramming your brain is possible.  With work and repetition, you can overcome limiting fears that have been holding you back.  It takes conscious thought and being more aware, but you can reprogram your brain into a can-do attitude.  You can live your best life!

Where else can you find Gemma?


Jo and Tracey x

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