In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we talk to health and wellness guru, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe.

We are so excited to talk to David this week.  In our eyes, he is the guru of the health and wellness world.  His wealth of knowledge is staggering, and we are thrilled to be able to have a chat and learn so much from him.

Who is David Wolfe?

Having presented over 2700 live events, David Wolfe is one of the world’s leading orators. His passion is health and well-being.

David says: “Now is the best time ever to experience the best health ever. We are the luckiest, most fortunate, most abundant people alive. Let’s start really living.”

David’s Bestselling Books:
The Sunfood Diet Success System
Eating for Beauty
Naked Chocolate
Amazing Grace
Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

David has also appeared in numerous breakthrough films and documentaries (over 100 of them), including:

Food Matters
Hungry for Change
Discover the Gift
The Raw Natural
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days
The Frequency of Genius
The Serpent & the Sun
Semisweet: Life in Chocolate

Had David always grown up living a holistic lifestyle?

Not at all.  His parents are medical Doctors who were all about taking medicine.  From when David was about 7 years old, he started to realise that there was something wrong with this way of living.  He likes to now call it ‘pharmaceutical scientism’ which he refers to it as being science turned into some kind of religion.

So essentially, he rebelled against his parents’ methodologies and way of living.

David believes that we don’t need all this ‘scientism’, all we need is our herbs, superfoods, lots of earth, air, fire and water and being connected to the planet and then you will realise that you don’t need all the other stuff we’ve been conditioned to think we need.

What is David’s latest book, The Beauty Diet, all about?

The beauty bible for a new generation: In this invaluable natural guide, internationally acclaimed nutrition and natural beauty expert David Wolfe offers proven strategies designed to improve appearance, vitality, and health from the inside out.

Each year, women absorb five pounds of toxins using common beauty products. Wolfe, one of America’s foremost nutrition experts, argues that you shouldn’t have to trade good health for exceptional beauty. There are safe, effective, and, most importantly, natural ways to enjoy glowing skin and gorgeous hair. In The Beauty Diet, he offers these solutions for cleansing and nourishing the body, slowing the ageing process, and transforming your health from the inside out so that your beauty radiates like never before.

Grounded in science and based on a foundation of rejuvenation and the enjoyment of life, The Beauty Diet is a guide to unleashing the potential for beauty within you. Wolfe explains how the human body chemically reacts to various elements of nutrition, physical activity, and sleep – information you can use to look and feel better instantly.

Natural, toxin-free beauty is not only the best way to achieve lasting beauty; it is the only way. Under Wolfe’s guidance, learn the simple dietary and lifestyle changes, like implementing organic superfoods and detoxifying through proper mineralization – balancing your acid and alkaline levels – that have lasting results. Featuring simple, clean recipes for delicious meals and smart tips for using natural resources such as cryotherapy, activated charcoal, probiotics, and more, The Beauty Diet is the ultimate resource for the healthiest route to radiant beauty.

You can grab a copy of his latest book from all good book stores as well as via his website.

How do you eat for beauty?

The things to look out for are:

  1. Remove processed foods from your diet.
  2. Remove sugar from your diet, especially added sugar.
  3. Eat pesticide-free or spray-free foods. Those sprays cause a burden on our systems.

There is strong science in the last 40 years around epigenetics.  This means that certain toxins will activate certain genes that we don’t want to be activated.  We want positive epigenetics activated such as Vitamin D3 from the sun which activates probably the highest amount of the most epigenetic factors associated with health and beauty.  At least 3000 to 4000 genes are switched on by the sun and Vitamin D3.  The same can be said for many of the great plant foods of the world.

The key to eating for beauty is to have plenty of plants in your diet.  The fibre you get from plants is essential to a healthy body.  The fibre helps things move through our intestines and keep us regular.

If new to all this, what’s the biggest toxin we should remove from our lifestyle first up?


It is a herbicide and it’s also an antimicrobial which means it kills off the friendly bacteria in our gut.

It’s also the active ingredient in Roundup and is on all genetically modified foods such as wheat, corn and soy.  The reason why those are genetically modified is so that they don’t react to the herbicide.

There is real accumulating evidence showing that a massive amount of our health problems since the late 1970s is a direct correlation with glyphosate in our environment and food supply.

Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup and glyphosate have recently had a landmark judgment against them in America, where the jury was so incensed by what Monsanto was doing they not only awarded a $55 million settlement, they also awarded $1 billion dollars per plaintiff ($2 billion in total) on top of the $55 million to the plaintiff couple who are dying from cancer due to glyphosate toxicity.

Organic eating

Eating a whole food organic diet can lead you to be smarter, happier and have a better disposition and attitude overall.  There’s a high correlation to the effect that sugar has on mood, especially the crashes you get after eating sugary foods.

Tracey was so shocked to be able to easily buy good quality organic food when she travelled over to the U.S. last year.  It became very clear to her that Australia needs to lift its game because getting access to the same good quality organic foods is not as easy for us over here.

Detoxing your body

When you detox your body by either fasting, cleansing, juicing, organic foods, eating lighter, drinking more or your food than eating it via a liquid diet and drink more water it becomes self-evident because you feel better, your head is clearer, you have more energy, you have more fun and your sex life is better.

David just did a 40-day cleanse and a 12-day water fast and he feels 20 years younger!  People are telling him he also looks 20 years younger.  He always eats organic, raw and superfoods and even with eating the clean way he does, he massively benefited from detoxing his body via the cleanse and water fast.

He did this cleanse and water fast with actor, Woody Harrelson.  He and David have been really close friends for over 20 years now and Woody has found that the reason he has been so successful in his career is because he works incredibly hard.  To work incredibly hard, he needs the stamina and energy which is what he gets from eating very clean foods and cleansing and fasting.

Overcoming stress


Stress is the No. 1 killer!  Sure, the toxicity in our bodies will shorten our lifespan but the stress will get us in the end.  For example, heart attacks are at the highest rate of occurrence on a Monday morning before 12pm.

There is an acidity relationship between heart attack and strokes that we need to address.  Your body can deal with stress better, if you eat better.  David knows this firsthand, he is constantly battling trolls on the internet, the fight against Monsanto and unbelievable slander that was cast against him and his family including death threats was stressful beyond belief.

His Iridologist once said to him that he has stress rings, but despite that, he was still incredibly healthy.  You may live a stressful life, but your body can deal with it better if your alkaline.  This means you need to eat salads, vegetables, drink vegetable juice, eat more plants than animals, eat raw foods.  This means you will also live longer.

Forest Bathing – what is it?

It has to do with going into the forest, getting naked and jumping into original waters and just being with the earth.  Even if it’s cold.  Getting into cold water is really good for you, it tightens up your skin, removes inflammation, clears your mind, is amazing for hair health and it immediately revitalises you with energy.

Get back to nature


This is something we need to do more of.  It can be as simple as walking out into your backyard, standing in the sun for a bit to absorb in the Vitamin D and stand barefoot on the grass to connect you back to the earth.  We don’t seem to do enough of this.

Go for a hike in the bush or a swim in a natural spring.

The benefits to our health from doing these things are massive.  Nature will make you stronger.

The strongest memories we have are going camping with our parents when we were kids or camping with our own kids.  It got us back to nature and connected to the earth and each other.

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