In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we talk to Dr Eric Z about how to create a toxic-free lifestyle.

 This episode was so exciting for us.  It’s no secret how much we love our doTERRA essential oils and speaking to Dr Eric Z today was such a thrill.  He is so knowledgeable on all things oils and health and wellness, so to be able to pick his brain today was amazing!

Who is Dr Eric Z?

Eric Zielinski, D.C. is a Doctor of Chiropractic and public health researcher who specializes in Aromatherapy and Biblical Health. A pioneer in the natural living space. Dr. Z is the author of the International Bestselling books The Healing Power of Essential Oils The Essential Oils Diet, Executive Producer of The Hope for Breast Cancer documentary and creator of the Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass. With his wife, Sabrina (Mama Z) he founded in 2014, which become the most visited website devoted to Bible health and non-branded essential oil education in the world.

Convenience to the detriment of our health

We live in such a ‘convenient’ world today, whereby chemicals are everywhere.  In our foods, our medicines and our body products.  We struggle to avoid them.  Back in the early 1900s and earlier, medicines such as antibiotics weren’t around then, they used essential oils as their medicines instead, and with the advancements in technology and healthcare, it hasn’t made us as a collective any healthier.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  Yes, there were certain historical time periods where people died younger than what they do now, but that was because of extraneous circumstances (eg. poverty).

This is the first generation in the history of the world where children are not predicted to have a longer life expectancy than their parents!

So, this lets us know that what we’re doing isn’t working and hasn’t been working for the last almost 4 generations. Thankfully now there’s a complete shift to get back to nature with essential oils being considered cool and hip.  The reality is they’re just catching up to what has always been there.

Where do you think Chemists get the chemical structures from when they create a new drug?


They don’t invent them in a vacuum!  The perfect example of this is willow.  We have known for forever and a day that our ancestors have used willow bark as an analgesic (pain reliever).  They would make extracts out of it; they would chew it and all sorts of things to get its benefits.

Similarly, there is a chemical compound called methyl salicylate which comes from the Wintergreen plant.  Chemists are aware of its pain-relieving properties so in a lab they synthetically created or mimicked methyl salicylate and created Aspirin from it.

Every drug whether it’s chemotherapeutic, chemoprotective, an autoimmune drug, a blood sugar balancing drug, whatever drug it is comes from a chemical structure that we find in nature.

The difference is the risk, risks involved with synthetic drugs, risks with essential oil usage because there is risks with those too, but pills were created for convenience and again, convenience comes at a cost.

Hints and tips on essential oils

Treat essential oils like you would medicine and drugs – research them!

Make a list of your primary health issues that bother you, it could be weight, or sleep, or libido or a hot temper.  Health concerns that you would normally go to the pharmacist for.  Then rank them with 0 being no complaint at all and 10 being the worst imaginable symptoms and put today’s date on it.  The one that has the highest rank on your list is the one you focus on first to get that under control.

Dr Z has a list of protocols for health concerns in his new book, The Essential Oils Diet. You often find that if you follow the protocols for your health issues, then symptoms dissipate such as pain.  You will also find a tonne of information and resources over at his website Natural Living Family as well as being able to buy a copy of his book The Essential Oils Diet.

Bear in mind that there is no one particular oil for one particular situation, in the same way there is no one particular drug for one particular condition.  We are all individual and what works for you may not work for someone else because we are all made up differently.  So, it’s about trial and error and practice using essential oils to find what works for you.

No matter what protocol you are using for your health concerns you want to start slow, track your results and continue changing things in the rest of your life such as eating cleaner, healthier and moving your body.

Essential oils won’t negate the damage done by a horrible habit or addiction but when you embrace a change of lifestyle then that’s when the changes happen, ie. losing weight, clearer skin, hormone balances etc.

Essential oils allow you to start small in beginning to change your lifestyle.  It could be as simple as starting with diffusing 5 drops of Lavender in a diffuser in your bedroom to give you a restful night’s sleep.

Simple steps can lead to big changes over time.

Creating healthy habits for life

Currently, Dr Z is travelling a lot and needing to be awake a lot more so he is staying away from his favoured calming oils like lavender, the chamomiles etc. and instead he is using a lot of citrus oils for their uplifting properties as well as they help keep him awake, alert and focused.

Because he is so busy and going through a stressful time in his life, stress causes an inflammatory response in the body which breaks down your joints and weakens your immune function so he is doing all he can to stop stress at a cellular level.  This means that he eats a very anti-inflammatory diet, he exercises regularly and uses essential oils to support his body.

Tips to low-tox your home

✚ Remove all synthetic fragrances and chemicals from the home such as candles, perfumes, air fresheners, cleaning products etc.

✚ Use additive-free lotions and soaps.

✚ Diffuse essential oils throughout the house.

✚ Change up the additive-free products and essential oils you use so that your body doesn’t build up a resistance.

✚ Make small swaps to additive-free products over time, don’t feel like you have to do it all at once as that can be too overwhelming.

✚ Use natural washing powders/liquids so that you are not wearing synthetic fragrances around all day that are still stuck on your clothes.

Oils ain’t oils


Not all essential oils are created equal, they can quite often contain synthetic fillers and be adulterated given the industry is not regulated.

For a comprehensive guide on how to choose and buy your essential oils you can check out Dr Z article here >>>

doTERRA Essential Oils


As you have heard Dr Eric doesn’t advocate for any specific brand of oils other than they MUST be 100% pure and free from any synthetic fillers whatsoever, as well as being ethically sourced.  This is why we love doTERRA so much, not only are we assured that what is in a bottle of oil is only pure essential oils with no adulteration, but if we want to we can head to Source to You and check out the batch number of every bottle of oil we have because the batch numbers are written on the bottom of the bottles.  There is complete transparency from doTERRA.

Not only that but the Aromatic Plant Research Centre (APRC) rates doTERRA as being the highest grade of oil for their purity and potency.

doTERRA also has an incredibly high social conscience.  They give back to communities where oils are sourced, they support wonderful charities through their Healing Hands Foundation both local and abroad and they pay their farmers fair trade prices through their Co-impact Sourcing initiative.

We love everything they do for the world just as much as we love their pure oils, maybe even more.

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