In this episode of The Whole Circle Podcast, we interview one of the most recent students from our signature E-program Additive-Free Made Easy, Melinda Mill.
Melinda has only been in her Additive-Free journey for a short time but has taken all the information on board and has made and seen incredible changes. 

Melinda shares with us how she was already getting tremendous value for free from the Additive Free Lifestyle Facebook Page, learning and implementing the tips and tricks she got from our posts on the page and implementing them at home already.

She then took it a step further by deciding to join the E-program Additive-Free Made Easy. In a matter of weeks, she not only wholly improved her skin appearance, the reason why she joined our program in the first place, but her overall health and well-being by choosing to live an additive-free life. Melinda says that she feels so EMPOWERED now.

What convinced Melinda to go additive-free?

Melinda loves anything natural and organic. But until a skin condition affected her, she realised that she needed to do something different and drastic when it comes to living an additive-free lifestyle. Now she has used this knowledge to take charge by swapping and changing standard household items and skin products with better options.

By checking the ingredients and just simply knowing what she puts inside her body and or on it (particularly her skin), changed her life.

How did her course go?

During the course, Melinda started making small and simple changes and first.

One of those changes is online shopping. Melinda made it a point to always put the word “organic” in the search bar of the online store. This simple move made her search results show only healthier products and thus eliminating the “bad” choices.

Malinda also changed the way she organised her pantry by making smart grocery shopping decisions for her family. Everyday products — from shower gel to barbecue sauce, cleaning products and of course peanut butter – she now knows which ones to buy and which ones to stay away from.

The most positive change Melinda has made?

Not only has she made a positive difference in her life because of the E-course, but by also making a significant impact in the office — by spreading the word about additive-free living to her work colleagues and talking about additives and preservatives. Amazing!

This shows that even if AFME is a mainly food-driven program, people like Malinda who are experiencing the damaging effects of additives on their skin, can still get tremendous value out of the program and change their lives…one step at a time.

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