Janenna has just completed our last round of the Additive-free Made Easy, and In this episode, she shares her tips and guides on how to start your additive-free process at home. Apart from that, Janenna also walks us through her additive-free journey and how these changes have made a big difference in her children’s behaviour. Tune in to know more about Janenna and her start to the additive-free trip.

Janenna is a mother to two small children aged five and three years old. She works in their own construction business, and we’re quite sure you get the idea of how her hands are full with keeping the household and shop at the same time. A question you might ask is –  How is she able to go additive-free given the situation? When asked how hard going additive free is, Janenna always says that it isn’t that hard, and it’s just a matter of choices.

What convinced Janenna to go additive free?

For her family and her wellness, Janenna and her husband already started looking at different kinds of diets. But what convinced her further into going additive-free is the changes in her skin that she’s noticed. Her skin was in terrible shape for her age. She thought it was just hormonal, but that wasn’t the root of it. She then started looking at the food they eat and how these food intakes affected their children.

How did her course go?

“It can seem very daunting at the beginning but once you learn it, it sort of sticks.”

In the house, going additive-free is super easy — the tricky part for Janenna and her family is when they go out and choose where to eat. No start is perfect, and one thing to be reminded of is that life gets in the way and the critical part is to not make a huge deal out of it.

When Janenna started, she did a massive cleanup at home and what helped her get a jumpstart is having a coordinated and supportive husband to implement the changes. The private chat group on Facebook has been so helpful to her as well, checking in from time to time if some questions and answers can help her in her journey as well. Her reminder is that you need the mindset to make additive-free lifestyle work for you because taking the course is an excellent start to this lifelong journey of healthier living.

Simple Swap Tips she has implemented from her course, which you can do too:

  • Buy biscuits and corn chips in the original variant instead of the flavoured ones
  • Go for organic breads

The most positive changes they have made?

Janenna’s children’s behaviour has improved — you might not believe it, but the food we eat plays a huge part in our emotions and health. People don’t realise that additives and preservatives play a role in a child’s behaviour and the changes Janenna has implemented in the past months has helped her children’s health.

She attests that paying a little bit more for the quality of the food you eat is so much worth it than spending the money going to a doctor for health issues.

Her advice to people starting out the additive-free lifestyle is to take it slowly, and the power to change your life is in your hands.

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