Today we’re interviewing Emma Warner from Additive-Free Made Easy May E-Course. In this interview, she will share to us her story of how Additive Free Made Easy helped not only her son but her whole family as well. We will hear about the reason behind going additive free and the changes that happened in their lives. Admittedly, although we see these over and over again, it still touches us, and her story had us in tears, and it blew our minds how one can have so many changes.
Emma’s story is inspiring.

Emma and her Additive-Free Made Easy Journey

Emma is from South Australia, a mother of two and works as a part-time community development officer.
Emma began to have issues with her son’s behaviour towards the end of last year. He was acting up at school, but beautiful as soon as he came home, to Emma he was like a different person with all his yelling, screaming, tantrums and meltdowns which made her confused as to what she’s going to do and what is going on! She knew the behaviour was not noble and that there was something that’s making it happen.

It came to a point where they tried to engage the help of the school counsellor, but it didn’t work. School holidays came for Christmas, and everything was just crazy! Her son’s behaviour affected everyone in the family that even other kids including her daughter would try to keep away from him as much as possible. It was too much for everyone, then like magic, she came across Additive Free Made Easy.

What convinced Emma to go additive free?

According to her, it was the constant support given not only from the course but later on from her family. The course also outlines all the answers. You look at numbers, which sometimes will make you question yourself as to how sure you are all those are correct, but then the videos and resources on the course answer all your questions.

How did her course go?

The most significant questions we usually get from people most of the times are; How does all those cooking and creating from scratch go? How well are these being accepted by the children especially?.

Well, Emma now finds all those packet things so expensive, and she’s not buying all of them anymore. She is now into the more healthier options, the fresh produced which stopped anyone from going crazy.

The children have taken on the additive-free lifestyle as well. She explained to them why this shift to healthier food options is necessary and her kids especially his son took it well.

Emma’s family is into baking, and the kids are used to having some baked item in their lunch boxes. They get to bake goodies that are now on the healthier side, and she became more conscious of the ingredients, surprisingly her son finds the healthier options yummy! Her daughter loves popcorn so instead of buying packet popcorn they are now popping their own.

She’s now more confident that her kids are eating healthier knowing what’s in there meals and snacks and avoiding all those nasties.

Simple Swap Tips Emma has implemented from her course, which you can do too:

  • Pop your own corn; seriously it’s so easy!
  • Use butter; you can even make your own.
  • Switching brands, buying the healthier and fresher options.
  • Make and freeze your own dough; now she grabs goodies for baking from the freezer, not from the pantry

Emma Shares her most positive changes they have made?

One of the most exciting changes for her is not only getting her children on board but also her husband, especially when it comes to his drinks. Her husband was fond of drinking soft drinks and cordial. He had given up cordial, and now she’s working on weaning him from soft drinks.
Another positive thing is her son’s acceptance of her reprimands, which before when he was reminded of bad behaviour he’ll make another meltdown. He quickly lost it with just a single mention of his misbehaviour.

It’s making her feel great that her kids and her whole family is embracing all the changes that they are making going additive-free. Although it takes a bit of explaining to the kids what they are doing, it’s good that after hearing her explanation the kids agreed and embraced the changes they have made.

“I encouraging everybody to not doubt the course but to give it a try. Don’t doubt, do it”! Was Emma’s parting shot.

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