Cleaning is not exactly something everyone has on the top of their list of favourite things to do, however many of us will agree that we do love to have a clean house. If you have kids, then you’ll know all too well the challenges of never-ending housekeeping! In this episode, you’ll learn a whole lot of ways you can implement essential oils into your cleaning routine for a more enjoyable experience.

Our modern-day cleaning products are jam-packed with harmful chemicals (not to mention they are expensive). Let us share all the implications of using these products, including the bigger environmental perspective. We’ll walk you through our top five alternative cleaning products we make by using essential oils.

From old wives cleaning methods to modern day tricks, combining essential oils with natural agents such as bi-carb, coconut oil or lemon, you won’t look back to toxic commercial cleaning products, after you realise what you’ve been missing out on all along!

You’ll learn all the benefits of swapping to essential oils, and you’ll be surprised by some not-so-well-known essential oils and their many uses throughout the home.

In this podcast, we go into depth, not just about cleaning tips, but also on which essential oils are great for repelling common household bugs, deodorising dishwashers and freshening up fabrics. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll be hearing a lifetime of amazing advice for keeping your house toxic free!

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