You may have heard our recent podcast episode with Melody Towns, Founder/Director of Be Hers. This amazing charity is changing the world one woman at a time and we are honoured to partner with them.  If you haven’t listened to that episode then check it out >>> here.

We can now reveal exactly where your donations will be going to….or should we say who…


We have chosen to direct any money raised towards sponsoring a young girl who has been rescued from sex-slavery and is now in the process of rehabilitation. Just to reiterate what was said in the podcast, 100% of funds raised goes to these girls. No money is taken for overheads or admin expenses. This is a charity like no other and they lead from the heart, always.

By way of insight, it costs around $1,500USD a month for every girl in the SHE Rescue Home ($18,000 USD a year) and as such, each girl has multiple sponsors.  $200 a month will cover Kakada’s food and counselling support, which then goes a long way towards setting her up for her future.

Here is her story,

My name is Kakada, and I’m a 13-year-old survivor

About me 

I am 13 years old and in grade 8. My favourite food is fish soup and my favourite colour is red. I was eight months pregnant when I came to the SHE Rescue Home, after being sexually exploited by someone I trusted – the perpetrator is now in jail. I am happy to be in the home as I feel ashamed of being seen in my village because of what has happened to me.

My family

My mother works in a factory and I have two younger siblings. Until now, I have been looking after them while my mother works, although it is too hard now that I am pregnant and need caring for myself.

My future

While a partner organisation will look after all my doctors’ visits and teach me how to care for a child, I will receive counselling and emotional support from the SHE staff. I would like to have a family foster my child after it is born, and my family would like me to continue studying. I hope to reintegrate with my family in the future so I can finish school and go on to vocational training of my choice!

When Melody from Be Hers first made us aware of Kakada’s story, we knew we had to do all we could to help.  As women and as mothers, it truly breaks our hearts to contemplate what this girl has gone through.  A life that NO CHILD should ever have to go through.  We just couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

What can you do to help Kakada?


Donate money

The simple answer is to donate money.  As you can see we need at least $200 per month to support Kakada.  All funds in excess of $200 per month will be directed to other rehabilitation projects in Cambodia that Be Hers are supporting.

Don’t forget that donating money to charity is tax deductible so keep your receipts and claim it back at tax time.

Head on over to here to donate >>> Be Hers

Ice-Cream e-book

You can also purchase a copy of our Ice-Cream e-book whereby 100% of the cost of the e-book is donated to this very worthy cause.

Yes, that’s right, you get homemade additive-free ice-cream recipes and all those warm and fuzzy feelings knowing that your purchase has gone straight to an amazing charity.

Head on over to here to purchase >>> Ice-Cream e-book

Donate when you shop with Additive-Free Lifestyle

When you’re doing your shopping over on our website at Additive-Free Lifestyle, you will see there is now an option to donate to Be Hers at the checkout cart, so if you have a few spare dollars it’d be amazing if you could add this to your cart.

Together we can BE THE CHANGE!

Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. Help Be Hers spread the word and invite your friends to follow their social pages and share with them what Be Hers is all about. If you have a business why not consider collaborating with Be Hers, or if you’re passionate about this cause and would like to intern please let them know.  It’s amazing how together we can actually be a real change in these lives and see them not only rescued from the horrors of sexual slavery but loved and valued. Let’s use our sphere of influence to do all we can to help bring justice to those in captivity.

Links and Resources

  • To check out all about Be Hers, head here