In the short amount of time that our book has been released, we’ve received loads of questions, so we thought what better way to answer them than with a one-stop-shop blog post.

Here goes…

How many recipes are in the book?

There are 163 recipes PLUS an additional 38 variations, taking the grand total number of recipes including variations to 201!

How many recipes are exclusive to the book?

There are 38 exclusive recipes in the book.

Where can I see a contents list of the book?

All the recipes are listed at

Are there any gluten-free recipes?

Yes, there are 91 gluten-free recipes and 15 gluten-free option recipes.

Are there any dairy-free recipes?

Yes, there are 72 dairy-free recipes and 15 dairy-free option recipes.

Are there any sugar-free recipes?

Yes, there are 81 recipes with no added sugar and 31 recipes which are refined sugar-free.

Are there any vegetarian recipes?

Yes, there are a whopping 111 vegetarian recipes!

Are the recipes complicated?

Not at all.  They are everyday, family-friendly recipes that are easy on the hip pocket too.

Is it just a cookbook?

No.  This is not an ordinary cookbook at all.  Everyday Additive-free is a 324-page book filled with over 150 simple, tasty and budget-conscious recipes together with exclusive scientific information discussing additives and their effects on your health. Every single recipe has beautiful full-colour photography and step-by-step cooking instructions for both thermal appliances and traditional appliances.

Is it just a Thermomix cookbook?

Not at all.  It has both traditional and thermal appliance cooking methods.

How much is shipping?

We are only charging a flat rate shipping fee of $6.95 Australia-wide.

Is it available in book stores?

Not yet.  We are hoping it will be in 2020, but cannot guarantee it at this stage.

Is there an eBook available?

Yes, we have all sorts of bundle options including eBooks.  Check it all out at

Does the book contain all your Additive-Free Made Easy course information?

No. Everyday Additive-Free is a great start to living an additive-free lifestyle but is not in-depth like Additive-Free Made Easy is.  The book and the course do compliment each other well because Additive-Free Made Easy is an information program, not a recipe program.

Why do you no longer have Afterpay?

To be honest, the fees were killing us.  As a small business, we’re running on the smell of an oily rag and we just couldn’t justify keeping Afterpay any longer given the high fees it was costing us.  We’re really sorry and we hope you understand.

Where can I buy Everyday Additive-Free?

You can shop Everyday Additive-Free and all our other products, including bundles at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email them into us at


Jo and Tracey