Let’s take a look at our top 27 additive-free products so that you can be inspired to make the switch to healthier options.


Nutra Organics Protein Powders

Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Aspartame, NutraSweet or Saccharin are all linked to major health issues like migraines, depression, bloating, gut health distress, diabetes, cancer and even weight gain! Say what?

Head here for a whole stack of information and all the scientific links.
These are the most common things used to sweeten a lot of store-bought and very popular Protein Powders. You won’t find any of that in the Protein Powder we stock on our shelves. In fact, you won’t find anything other than wholesome, fantastic quality, real ingredients.

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Yeast Extract – what exactly is it and where can I find it?  Yeast extract is a clear and water-soluble substance that contains the same concentrated free glutamic acid as MSG. It is used in a range of foods to enhance and boost the flavour and taste.

You will find it in a lot of products, with one of the most common being that little black spread loved by Aussies all over the world #dontshootthemessenger
You can easily swap this out with another little black spread, EveryMite. It won’t taste exactly the same, but it is very similar, so delicious and our kids love it.
EveryMite is made with Certified Organic Black Sesame Seeds, Certified Organic Coconut Amino Sauce, Himalayan Rock Salt, and Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”.
Importantly there is NO yeast, gluten, soy, grains, nuts, dairy, eggs, thickeners, or added preservatives.  
With no additives, this organic blend provides naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, amino acids, protein and fibre while the beneficial enzymes for friendly gut bacteria improve vitamin and mineral absorption.

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Roar Cordial

Lots of kids and adults lurve cordial … us included!  However, store-bought cordials are simply chock full of nasty artificial additives and preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Metabisulphite, Colours and Flavours.

With only, sugar, water and fruit juice as the ingredients listed in Roar Cordial, it is a much better alternative.  

Yes, we get it, it’s still sugar-laden, but if you’re going to drink cordial every now and then like us, then this is the best option we have come across.

You can also make additive-free jelly using Roar Cordial too.

Some recipes you might like to try out that use Roar Cordial: 
>> Jelly Goodness
>> Jelly Slice

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Nutra Organics Bone Broth Powders

People have been making bone broth for thousands of years, yet all of a sudden it kinda feels like a ‘new age fad’. That’s because for about one generation a lot of us forgot what was good for us and we were told we had no time!
Bone broth is easy to make yourself, but it is time-consuming. It takes approx. 24 hours to cook, your house gets really smelly and then you need to bottle it up and store it in the freezer.  But if you’re not into DIY, or if you’re like us and struggle to find the time, this organic powder is a great alternative.  It’s amazing for gut health, promotes healthy joints and immune system. It can also improve the appearance of skin as well as being incredible for hair and nails.
Some recipes you might like to try out that use bone broth powder:

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Nutra Organics Pantry Range

We decided to stock a huge range of pesticide-free (mostly organic) pantry items because we understand it’s hard to find things all in the one place.  We also felt sorry for all our rural followers who have zero access to organic shops.  You’ll be impressed by the prices!
We stock items such as:
>> Hemp seeds (OMG so much protein)
>> Preservative-free desiccated coconut (so hard to find)
>> Nutritional Yeast Flakes (vegan-friendly)
>> Organic Ghee (best cooking oil)
>> Acai Powder (yum)
>> Natural Sweeteners (no aspartame)
>> A range of nuts and seeds (no pesticides)

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4MyEarth Range

The rate we’re killing our planet scares the pants off us.  We really want a nice earth for our grandchildren and their grandchildren but the fact is, if we don’t all join hands and make an effort, this world is going to be screwed (sorry, but it is!).

Day by day we’re making an effort around our home, we still have a long way to go, but we’re trying and will continue to make small changes that make a massive impact.  One thing we did do was ditch plastic wrap.  We’ve been without this for nearly two years now and it’s actually not that hard, seriously we thought this would be impossible!

These food covers are amazing, we’ve had our set for nearly five years and they’re still going strong, but once we ditched the plastic wrap for good, we realised one set wasn’t enough.  With some good storage containers, two sets of food covers, two platter covers and some sandwich wraps we find we have more than enough.

This is a super simple swap anyone can make.  We feel like it’s an investment into our planet as we rent our time here.

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Sinchies Range

Fun Fact: Sinchies were the first product we ever stocked. Yep, we started with one little pouch as Jo had a baby at the time, who’s now about to turn 6, and being frugal with money was a necessity.

Jo just couldn’t bring herself to spend $1.70 on a little throwaway pouch when she could fill her own using either home-made yoghurt (recipe here) or from a cheaper 1L container.  She worked out she’d only need to use the pouches twice and she would have made her money back. Bargain!

The Sinchies product range has grown over the years to now including these really cool reusable wrap bags, sandwich bags and the best cleaning brush in the world (sorry, but this brush is really good and for any Thermomix owners you must get one!).

The funnel folds flat so it’s easy to store and you can get child-safe lids.

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Go Green Lunchboxes

Once upon a time, we would never have paid $70 for a lunchbox, because let’s face it, that’s a lot of money.  BUT what won us over is that these lunchboxes last and last and last which makes them worth every single sent! Let us explain…

– They’re airtight so you don’t need to worry about spills. You can pop yoghurt in one compartment, watermelon in the next and then a sandwich in the other, whilst ensuring that all of it will stay nice and fresh
– You don’t need plastic wrap, because it’s airtight
– You can cut up apple the night before and they won’t go brown
– Food stays fresh
– They’re sturdy and are built to last
– They hold up to 8-cups of food

We love how we don’t have to worry about little containers getting lost, we don’t need to use plastic wrap and we don’t need to worry about having to purchase a new lunchbox every term.

We couldn’t recommend these highly enough.

Limited stock available until the end of the year.

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Ever Eco Straws

10 million straws go into landfill EVERY SINGLE DAY, that’s 2.5 billion a year (OMG!). Most are used just once and they are everywhere – in our parks, picnic grounds, littered on the streets and in and on our beaches*.  Not to mention our marine life suffer considerably with these wasteful single-use straws in our waterways.

SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS – yes we put this in caps!

Change is happening in our area whereby Hobart City Council recently voted 8-4 in favour of a by-law that could see the city become the nation’s first to ban single-use plastics by 2020.  The ban would apply to any business that provides or sells takeaway food, meaning plastic containers, straws, coffee cups and plastic lids would all be prohibited.

“heck yes – happy dance people!!”

We are proud to stock reusable straws on our website, we have bamboo and stainless steel ones to choose from.

Again, this is just a simple swap that all of us can make.

*Stats according to Clean Up

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If You Care Range

Here’s a scary thing for ya, baking paper… Have a guess why it’s white?

It’s bleached white as it’s treated with chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Yep, yuk!

Unfortunately not only is this not great for us, it’s also causing an effect on the environment. The paper bleaching process deposits chlorine in the lakes and streams where mills are most commonly located once there it bonds with organic matter in the form of dioxins.

Dioxins are a group of highly toxic chemicals that are thought to pose negative effects on reproductive and immune system development, as well as cause several kinds of cancers. Recent studies suggest that dioxins are also an “endocrine disrupter” – one of a number of toxic chemicals that interfere with our hormone systems by mimicking natural hormones and blocking or disrupting their normal action.*

Now that you’re all grossed out let us introduce you to a new range of products on our website. You’ll find unbleached baking paper, cupcake holders and EcoFriendly foil, gloves and more.

*Source: If You Care.com

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Body Care Range

Your skin has no filters, by that we mean – what you put onto your skin absorbs directly into your bloodstream. This is often the source of headaches and fatigue, due to the high level of chemicals.

Sadly, many companies are focused more on profits and the use of cheap and harmful chemicals, than the effect of those chemicals on your health. With clever marketing, you’ll even find some companies using the word organic, and featuring earthy colours on their product range to really suck us in.


* Fragrance or Parfum: Did you know that manufacturers of scented products are under no obligation to tell their consumers exactly what the hundreds of chemicals are in their fragrance blend? It’s their little trade secret! Synthetic fragrances are commonly referred to as just as toxic as passive smoking! It is an utter disgrace that consumers are being left to suffer just to support the bottom dollar of corporations! Especially, when there are known links to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive harm and respiratory toxicity. Enough is enough!

* Parabens: These are synthetic preservatives that come in different forms and are absolutely everywhere. Many companies are recognising ongoing consumer concerns, and are now reformulating their products as a paraben-free range. While this is a fantastic industry shift, you need to be careful that they’re not replacing parabens with an equally harmful preservative.

* Mineral oil: This is an oil that’s petroleum derived, and should certainly not be going on your skin. It is incredibly drying and offers no nutritional benefits to your skin. In fact, it sits on top of your skin and doesn’t soak in at all, which means it can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and acne. It is a cheap filler ingredient that is not doing anything other than wasting your money.

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Foundation Range

What is your foundation made from? 😳

If it contains words like Mineral Oil, Paraffin Wax, Xylene, Toluene or Petroleum jelly you may like to think twice about using it!

In a nutshell, these are a by-product of crude oil. Yes, something you put in your car or lubricate your car engine with. That’s what’s going on your skin. It just blows our mind that health authorities allow companies to place petroleum-based products in something that goes on your skin!

Then you have ingredients like Talc or Rice Powder, both of which are cheap fillers, or bulking agents. They are extremely drying for the skin and will also clog your pores #nothanks

Fragrances – oh yes, a lot of companies use synthetic fragrances in their foundations. This makes us super cranky as there is absolutely no need – considering synthetic fragrances are linked to hormonal issues, skin irritations, headaches or migraines, dizziness and even flu-like symptoms (plus a myriad of other things).

So, unless you are using an ethical brand that lists full ingredients, uses organic, high-grade, nanoparticle free ingredients we recommend making a switch.

Why trust your health to corporations who don’t give a damn about anything other than their profit margins?

Sanctum Range

The Sanctum range was one of the first beauty lines we stocked because it just ticked all the right boxes, and still does.

All the products are certified organic and free of nasties such as SLS, parabens, alcohol, fragrance and preservatives, just to name a few. The list of nasties to look out for in face, body, and hair care products is long which is why we absolutely love that Sanctum is basically a one-stop-shop. There is pretty much everything you need – and like we said, they are full of organic and natural ingredients that are actually nourishing. Oh and did we mention they are totally affordable! Cha-ching!

We have been using these products for years and we just love them!

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Black Chicken Range

The first product we ever discovered from Black Chicken was the deodorant. To say we were impressed was an understatement! We fell in love – it was totally natural, and it worked. This was a game changer in our transition to an additive-free lifestyle as finding a deodorant that met our strict standards was hard to find.
From there we went on to discover all the other fabulous products Chey has created. We have even interviewed her on our podcast show (episode 90).
Now here’s some trivia – did you know that most of your deodorant/antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients such as aluminium-based compounds that temporarily plug the sweat ducts to prevent you from perspiring. Whilst this may seem like a good thing, in actual fact it’s not! Your body was designed to sweat because this is how it purges all the toxins from your body. The inability to rid your body of these toxins may lead to further health issues.
Even though the deodorant was the first product we discovered it was not the first product Chey had created. In fact, the first product in the Black Chicken range was the Love Your Body Oil (one of Jo’s favourite products ever).
Love Your Body Oil contains some amazing ingredients, things that all serve a special purpose. Sandalwood essential oil was a must have. This is amazing on the skin and helps with hydration, itching and inflammation, with the secondary effect to ease tension in the body and mind.
So, not only does this body oil hydrate the skin, but it also helps your mind too… gotta love that! To discover the entire range pop on over to our store via the link below or in our Insta profile and check it all out. You will even find sample sizes to trial before forking out for the full size, along with travel and specialty packs. Enjoy 😊

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Eco Tan Range

We don’t even know where to start with this range… there is so much to love!
Certified Organic = ✅
All Natural = ✅
Certified toxic free = ✅
Cruelty free = ✅
Environmentally friendly = ✅
Australian made and owned = ✅
See, this is what we’re talking about, there is nothing but love for this company and the products they create.
Tracey’s favourites:
• The tanning mousse – it smells like chocolate, it dries super-fast, it produces a yummy chocolate/golden colour and it doesn’t leave streaks.
• The tanning mitt – this is a must if you want streak-free applications and no ‘tanning hands’. You wash and re-use hundreds of times.
• Hand and Nail Cream – This is a not for profit item that Sonya created to raise money for Rafiki Mwema, an organisation that provides safe houses and support for children in Kenya who are victims of abuse. It is full of amazing ingredients like Mango Butter and Sea Buckthorn, but really, I love it because of where the money goes when a bottle is sold.
• Skin Compost 3 Step System – this is perfect for those needing to simplify, just follow the numbers on the bottles – cleanse, scrub, moisturise. Perfect for teens, young adults, middle-aged and those that are a bit older than that… just saying!!

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Test Tubes – Easter Gift Ideas

We originally got these test tubes to use as party favours and whilst they are perfect for that sort of thing, they are also brilliant for some DIY recipes. Like …

💕 Hot Chocolate Shots – a few plain white mini marshmallows, some finely diced organic chocolate and boom, you have a super cute little gift for Easter.

💕 Fill with some Epsom salts and a little 1ml vial of your favourite relaxing essential oil.

💕 They fit an Amare Beads bracelet perfectly!

💕 They are great filled with hair ties, clips and ribbons as a cute little non-chocolate treat.

💕 Fill with some mini pencils, eraser and a few stickers.

Basically, anything you can think of works, lol!

We only have a limited number of these left, and when they are gone, they are all gone.

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Hopper Range

When deciding to go additive-free one of the biggest fears is about missing out. Let us assure you that there is very little we miss out on when it comes to food. Switching to all-natural food colours and 100’s and 1000’s was one of the easiest swaps we have ever made!

You just have to know where to shop and what to look out for. Artificial food colours are derived from petroleum, a crude oil. This totally grosses us out!

You would be surprised at the amount of synthetic food colours you may eat during the course of the day, so the more we can do to reduce this amount the better.

These Hopper colours are totally natural and made from real food products. You won’t find synthetic ingredients, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, solvents or anything toxic to the body.

Instead, Hopper get their colours from things like spirulina, safflower, lemons, purple carrots and things that are #realfood

So, jump onto the natural food colour train and reduce your toxic load even further 😊

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Nutra Organics Bars

You know those weeks when the fun hits the fan and you haven’t prepared anything for the week ahead. The fridge isn’t stocked with snacks or food and your headspace isn’t in the game to whip up a whole bunch of lunchbox treats to see you through the week?
Yep, we get it, we’ve totally been there more times than we can count.
You know what we do in those times? Grab these Nutra Organics bars out of the cupboard and voila! An Instant lunchbox treat ready to go to keep those hungry tummies happy 😊
Oh, and did we mention that they are not just for kids, these bars make a great treat for chocolate lovers of all ages.

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Ice-Cream Moulds

Getting our own ice-cream moulds made was a 2-year dream of ours that finally came to life last year.
It was born from our strong desire to see you guys make your own ice-creams that didn’t contain nasties such as Annatto (160b) or artificial colours and flavours. Nasties that Jo’s daughter Eva heavily reacts to and which started our whole additive-free journey.
Not only that but making your own individual ice-creams is fun and gets the kids involved and seriously, what’s not to love about that.
Each ice-cream mould sold comes with a beautiful e-book with 8 delicious ice-cream recipes to get you started.

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Organic Chocolate Range

🍫 CHOCOLATE LOVERS… can I please have your attention 📢
Organic chocolate is hard to come by, but even harder to find is organic, chocolate coated almonds, macadamias or hazelnuts!
Well lucky for you we have managed to score a few boxes of each of these little beauties just in time for Easter… and you had better be quick because Shane is currently drooling in the corner wanting to eat the lot.


Bye Bye Bug Spray

So many insect repellant sprays these days contain harmful chemicals, not to mention being contained in aerosol cans 🤢 yuk!
Recently I (Tracey here) went to Queensland for a week and not only was it stinking hot, but bugs were EVERYWHERE!
This Bye Bye Bug Spray got such a massive workout and it never missed a beat! I’m one of those people that if there’s a mozzie within a 5km radius, it will find me! They love me! But this spray did the job beautifully. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.
So not only does it do the job, but it’s free from DEET, parabens, synthetic fragrances. It’s non-greasy, made with natural ingredients and smells good #gottalovethat

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Dental Care Range

Oral health is so important. We only get one shot at our own teeth, so we need to make sure we look after them and we need to make sure we also look after the environment in the process. Unfortunately, popular branded toothpastes are a hotbed of nasties that are not only not good for our teeth but considering we partially swallow the contents, all those nasties are getting right into our systems too.

A popular brand of toothpaste for kids had SLS, PEG-12, Flavour and Artificial Colours in it. We don’t know about your kids, but when our kids were little they weren’t good at spitting the toothpaste out, so they would usually just swallow the whole lot 🤢

Thankfully, there are much safer options now. Although, Jo’s kids love the Jack and Jill brand of toothpaste so much that they have been known to suck it out straight from the tube! Haha

But on a serious note, they’re 100% safe for young children and made from natural ingredients such as:

✅ Organic Calendula to soothe gums

✅ Organic Natural Fruit Flavours

✅ Fluoride Free

✅ Sugar Free

✅ No artificial colours or flavours

✅ SLS Free

✅ No Artificial Preservatives

✅ Gluten Free

✅ Did we mention the toothpaste is YUM!

Bamboo toothbrushes are so much better for the environment because they are biodegradable whereas plastic ones will be around for generations and generations to come clogging up landfill and our planet does not need that!

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Tracey here, my family and I had the ultimate holiday in the USA last year. We spent the majority of the time in hot climates like LA, Houston and Hawaii. I packed three tubes of this brilliant stuff and we have not been burnt once.

We are total converts and can’t recommend it highly enough. We want to make sure we are not only protected from the harsh sun, but also not lathering ourselves in harsh and toxic chemicals.

This is non-toxic, and a reef safe choice that is perfect for the whole family 🏖

Hello Sunshine Natural Sunscreen is:

🌼 Preservative & paraben free

🌼 Family protection

🌼 NOW SPF 40

🌼 UVA & UBA broad-spectrum protection

🌼 2 Hours water resistant

🌼 Natural ingredients

What’s not to love? 💛

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Deodorant Range

If we could get everyone in the world to change at least one thing, it would be deodorant!

Aerosol deodorants are just horrible. It’s fairly safe to safe by now that most of us know that aerosol sprays are not only bad for us but also bad for the environment. But not only that but we are spraying those toxic chemicals right near our lymph nodes.

Next, let’s look at antiperspirants that are designed to stop our bodies from sweating. Guess what? Our bodies are supposed to sweat! It’s how we get rid of toxins. We get that sweating is kinda gross but getting sick from toxic chemicals building up in your system is way worse.

Not only that but a lot of commercial store-bought deodorants have aluminium, fragrance/parfum, petroleum derived ingredients, harsh preservatives and the list goes on.

All this is easy to avoid by using a natural deodorant and before you worry that they won’t work and you’re going to stink, we can assure you that they do as we have tested them ourselves.

So, we implore you to prioritise your health and make this really simple swap today!

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WEEK 6 (coming soon) …