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Everything from your bathroom to your gym bag!
We’ll show you how to make simple swaps to low tox them!

This 6-part webinar series is going to blow your mind as to just how easy it is to make low-tox switches to improve your health and wellness.  You’ll discover WHY it’s so important to avoid the commercial chemical-laden toxins all while learning our hints and tips to make simple and cheap swaps.

  • We will show you everything you need to overhaul your Bathroom, Kitchen, Gym Bag, Garden Shed, First Aid Kit and Nappy Bag, as well as make some things along the way to show you how quick and simple it is to DIY your own products

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Webinar 1: Makeover your bathroom
Wednesday, 9th September, 1pm (AEST)

Webinar 2: Makeover your kitchen
Wednesday, 23rd September, 1pm (AEST)

Webinar 3: Makeover your gym bag
Wednesday, 7th October, 1pm (AEST)

Webinar 4: Makeover your garden shed
Wednesday, 21st October, 1pm (AEST)

Webinar 5: Makeover your first aid kit
Wednesday, 4th November, 1pm (AEST)

Webinar 6: Makeover your nappy bag
Wednesday, 18th November, 1pm (AEST)

A Note From Tracey & Jo…

“The time is perfect, right now, to makeover your home without any harmful or toxic ingredients”

These webinars are for those wishing to take their additive-free journeys past food and into the rest of their homes. You will learn what we use, what to avoid and see us make it all live. You’ll be able to ask questions and join in. It will be a lot of fun!

Join the webinars, and let’s talk! It’s almost as good as being face-to-face, we laugh, we chat, we answer your questions, and it’s just so much fun.