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Two time slots available
Either 1pm AEDT Friday or 7.30pm AEDT Sunday

You’ve heard about essential oils but aren’t sure if you’ll use them.

Maybe you’re skeptical and just aren’t sure…  That’s how we felt anyway.

When we first got our oils we just wanted Peppermint to make peppermint chocolate, but it wasn’t long after we realised the dramatic impact these have on our health and wellness.

In this webinar we’ll get right back to basics:

  • what essential oils can do for your health and wellness
  • their cost
  • their safety
  • their effectiveness

Replace Synthetic Fragrance

Natural Sanitising Mists

Emotional Support

Bedtime Solutions

about us

We started to use essential oils purely because we wanted to make some peppermint chocolate.

Being additive-free we didn’t want to use synthetic peppermint essence, so we went on the hunt for some pure essential oils to flavour our food.  But geez they were hard to find!

As we researched essential oils, unfortunately, we learned that most are adulterated and not food grade but doTERRA kept coming up over and over again as being 100% pure, and food grade.

So we looked into the company and not only were we beyond happy with their testing and purity of the oils, but we also loved their ethos for giving back. They are heavily involved in humanitarian work and spoke to our core values.

And that’s how our doTERRA journey began.  We went from making peppermint chocolate to then completely low-toxing our home by making our own body scrubs, cleaning products, balms and more.

We then started to use them for their emotional properties and as a result, our health and wellness has improved.

We are now proactive with our healthcare thanks to doTERRA essential oils.  To say they’ve changed our lives would be an understatement, they completed our additive-free lifestyle.  We can’t wait to show you simple ways you can use them in these live, interactive and personal events.